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Fallbrook School Bus Accident Fatally Injures Pedestrian

imagesCAEEMPN1.jpgA pedestrian was struck by a bus and fatally injured in front of Potter Junior High School in Fallbrook according to CBS 8 News. CHP officers state a school bus driven by 55 year old Gabriel Perez struck a 38 year old man who was drawing on the road in the early morning on February 26, 2010. After being hit by the bus the man was struck by another vehicle the man died at the scene.

Although it is not known why the man was in the street, pedestrian accidents happen all the time. According to the California Highway Patrol statistics there were 533 injuries and 23 fatalities in San Diego and 998 injuries and 63 fatalities countywide involving pedestrians in 2008. Most of these accidents are a result of inattention on the part of either or both parties.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased man.

Applicable California Law

In most cases fault or responsibility are relative terms. Figuring out who did what and when can be complicated requiring a thorough investigation and analyses. This requires many years of expertise and experience. California has specific claims reporting requirements when injuries or death are caused by government or public entities or their employees while in the course and scope of their employment. In addition there are specific statutes of limitations for filing lawsuits which need to be strictly complied with. Serious personal injury or wrongful death claims are complicated and require special training and knowledge to handle properly getting personalized and experienced advice is crucial. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.