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San Diego Auto Roll Over Accident In Point Loma

According to San Diego 6 News, four people were injured in an auto accident in Point Loma when a vehicle turning left on Talbot Street was struck by another vehicle coming down the hill causing it to roll over. San Diego Fire rescue crews responded around 2:45 p.m. and rescued two people trapped in the roll over vehicle. Two more people were also injured according to authorities.

Applicable California Law

Generally speaking any vehicle turning left has to yield the right of way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction that is close enough to constitute a hazard, California vehicle code 21801(a). It is not clear if the left turning vehicle saw the other vehicle, or how close it was before it started its turn. If the other vehicle that was coming down the hill in the opposite direction was doing so at an unsafe speed or if the driver of that vehicle was inattentive they could be partly responsible. This would reduce the value of any claims they would have. As to the passengers in both vehicles they would have personal injury claims against the left turn driver and possibly the other driver as well. However, if either passenger were a family member living in the same household as the driver of their vehicle they could be subject to a family exclusion under the drivers insurance policy. If a family exclusion was applicable they would be precluded from making any liability claim against their driver.

Any auto accident can be very scary especially when one of the vehicles rolls over. Roll over accidents have a greater propensity to result in spinal injuries, brain injuries or wrongful death. Issues relating to liability, causation , damages or insurance coverage can be difficult to establish and analyze. That is why if you have been injured in an accident it is crucial that you talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to get the information you need and know what your options are.