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San Diego Man Fatally Injured In Three Vehicle Auto Accident In Coronado

San Diego 6 News reported that one man was killed, two others sustained major trauma, and a fourth person was also injured in a three vehicle accident on 4-21-10. The incident occurred at 2 p.m. on the 5500 block of the Silver Strand Highway in Coronado. A north bound vehicle was rear-ended and knocked into the south bound lanes causing a head on collision.

Coronado Fire Chief Ed Hadfield said that upon arrival there were three vehicles involved and four people injured. One deceased, two sustaining major trauma requiring transportation to trauma centers and a fourth who sustained minor injuries and whose conditions are unknown. The man who died was suspected of having a heart attack and was a passenger in one of the vehicles. On Thursday the county Medical Examiners Office released the identity of 95-year-old Stevens Friedman of Coronado.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Friedman.

Applicable California Law

The news accounts do not state whether any of the three non-fatally injured was the driver of the at fault vehicle. In addition, there are no facts that would indicate that the drivers of the vehicle that was rear-ended or hit head on contributed to causing the accident or resulting injuries, which would affect any potential injury claims. According to authorities Mr. Friedman was wearing his seatbelt, and thus it could not be argued that he contributed to his death . Mr. Friedman’s family members would have wrongful death claims against any one who caused his death pursuant to California Wrongful Death Statute. Furthermore, the personal representative of his estate would probably have no grounds to pursue a survivor action, since it is unclear if Mr. Friedman incurred damages prior to his death or if there are any grounds for punitive damages against anyone.

An auto accident resulting in wrongful death and major traumatic injury is truly tragic. However, when reflecting on the devastating consequences for the victims and their families, it helps the rest of us gain perspective on what is really important in life. Dealing with the many complicated issues after any accident usually adds to the emotional and physical pain. The advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney can make an enormous difference in so many ways.