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San Diego Conference On New Spine Injury Diagnostic Scanning

Scientists at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society, held in San Diego, unveiled a new technique for scanning spine injuries. The scan, which is called CT spine reformatting, could eliminate the need for x-rays, lower radiation exposure, and provide a more economical way of evaluating spine injuries to the mid and low back regions.

Studies conducted at the University Of Calgary’s Foothills Medical Center with patients who had reformatting CT scans and x-rays of the same parts of the spine, showed that x-rays were less accurate than the scans. According to Viesha Clure, lead author of the study, “the x-rays provide no additional information, and in fact, some of these fractures were not seen on the x-rays.” The new technique makes diagnosis and treatment of spine injuries more precise and effective.

Development of safer, more cost effective and accurate techniques for evaluating traumatic spine injuries is crucial for victims of personal injury. In far to many cases when injuries are not properly diagnosed and treated, resolution of injuries is prolonged and can lead to permanent residual effects. Some of the most common causes of spine injuries arise from auto accidents, motorcycle accident or slip and fall accidents to name a few. Receiving prompt medical treatment using the latest technology can have a great influence on the outcome of serious injuries. Knowing about cutting edge technology and treatment options is one of the many benefits of talking to an experienced personal injury attorney.