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UC San Diego Research Gives Hope For Brain and Spine Injury Victims

Research Facilities around the world, including the University Of California San Diego, are looking into the benefits of  using folic acid in treating spinal cord and brain injuries. Prior studies indicate that pregnant woman who do not ingest enough folic acid (vitamin B9), have a higher risk of giving birth to babies with birth defects such as congenital deformities involving the development of the brain and spinal cord. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison have concluded through the collection of significant data, which suggests that the use of folic acid might be beneficial in treating  brain and spinal cord injuries. Folic acid was also found to be beneficial in promoting nerve cell regeneration and healing following injury in test subjects such as rodents. Researchers at Universilalsmedizin in Berlin, Germany indicate that the data from studies provides a rational for testing folic acid supplements on patients with spinal cord and brain trauma.

Hope For The Future

Progressive and cutting edge research in the use of supplements and other therapies, including stem cell, are crucial in providing alternative treatment options spinal cord and brain injury victims.  Accident victims and other individuals who have sustained significant  injuries in most cases have limited treatment options and have life long challenges, which have compelling effects on  their quality of life.


I have represented many clients over the years who have been the victims of spinal cord and brain injuries in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, or from a slip and fall accident. The research and development of new treatment options provide hope for their future. Talking to an experienced personal injury attorney can be a great resource in dealing with serious injuries.