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San Diego Bus Accident Injures Multiple Students

San Diego 10 News reported that several students were injured in a bus accident  on the Campo Indian Reservation at the Golden Acorn Casino on 5/18/10. The  bus carrying elementary grade students from Yuma, Arizona stopped at the casino on its way to the San Diego Zoo, when the bus driver ran into a light pole knocking the students out of their seats and causing several students to be injured. According a Cal Fire spokesperson, the students were transported to Sharp and Alvarado Hospitals for evaluation and treatment.

Applicable California Law

The parents, legal guardians and representatives of the injured students would have claims against  the driver of the bus as well as the school district if they employed the driver and owned the bus.  Claims would need to be filed with the appropriate public agencies in compliance with local Arizonian laws. Since the accident occurred in California, as a general rule, any potential law suites should be filed in San Diego. However, since the claims involve Arizona public agencies and residents, suite could be filed in federal court in Arizona. Furthermore, since the incident took place on an Indian Reservation, and the U.S. government recognizes Indian Tribes as sovereign nations, their tribal laws would govern the policies and procedures for resolving any law suites if the casino or any of there employees contributed to causing the accident. If so, in Southern California, the cases would be adjudicated by the Intertribal Court of Southern California.

A school field trip resulted in a bus accident causing injury. A  moment of inattention or distraction can cause personal injury or wrongful death. Auto accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents or any accident involving a large vehicle, can cause serious personal injury. If you or a loved one have been injured in a accident, talking to an experienced personal injury attorney can help resolve complicated issues.