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Valley Center Motorcycle Accident Causes Death Of Temecula Man

UNION TRIBUNE staff writer John Wilkens reported that 48-year-old Bradley Eckhardt of Temecula died on July 4, 2010 while riding his motorcycle in Valley Center. Eckhardt was riding his Yamaha 350 southbound on Lilac Road, at around 10:30 a.m., when he lost control of his motorcycle, and collided into a Dodge Ram 250 which was pulling a loaded horse trailer. The cause of the accident is still unknown, and is under investigation.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Eckhardt.

Applicable California Law

If Eckhardt lost control of his motorcycle due to a defective road condition, or someone else’s negligent conduct, his heirs would have potential wrongful death claims (see my prior Blog Posts for the wrongful death law). It is unclear if the driver of the truck contributed to causing the accident. However, if the truck driver was injured, he or she would have personal injury and property damage claims including injury to the horses against Eckhardt’s estate. If the truck driver was found to have contributed to causing the accident, any claims would be reduced proportionately.

Valley Center has experienced significant growth in recent years, but is still fairly rural compared to other parts of San Diego county. Single lane winding roadways, added traffic congestion, and other hazards greatly increase the potential for motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and auto accidents resulting in serious injury or death. If you have lost a loved one or have been seriously injured by someone’s carelessness talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.