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Oceanside Bike Accident Victim’s Miraculous Recovery

THE COAST NEWS Reporter Wehtahene Tucker reported that 55-year-old Carlsbad resident John Miksa, author and consultant, was joined by several of his care givers from Scripps Hospitals at Encinitas and La Jolla, professional rider Roy Southerland, and others on a 15 mile bike ride on August 27, 2010 between both of the hospitals. However, a year earlier, on August 21, 2009, Miksa was hit by a distracted driver near Pacific and Cassidy in Oceanside. The auto accident caused Miksa to sustain a shattered ankle, and spinal injuries to his neck, which left him paralyzed from his neck down. “I could feel some pain, but mostly I realized I couldn’t move, my body was still.”

Miksa defied all odds despite only being given a 1% chance of recovery by his neurosurgeon, Scott Leery. Miksa was determined to recover fully from his injuries, and stated ” They stood me up on day four. I went from being totally paralyzed to standing.” On September 1, 2009 he told his therapist he wanted to walk and accomplished that, at first, with the use of parallel bars. Miksa said ” I was an athlete my whole life and now had a lot of anxiety about walking, I was in a lot of pain.” Jim Cope, his therapist, remembers “within a week he was walking up and down the hall, taking the stairs by himself.” The miracles continued that week, as Miksa and his wife learned that their daughter and son-in-law were going to have a baby. “It was an amazing day to say the least,” Miksa said.

“I want people to have hope that they can recover,” he said. “Most of all I want to tell people to put your cell phone down while driving,” he cautioned. After observing motorists for the nine months he was not allowed to drive, Miksa said he had the opportunity to notice how distracted drivers are. “I’m going to be sticking to trails after this ride,” he said.

Miracles can happen, hope, faith and a positive attitude are the keys to recovery. Auto accidents, truck accidents or bicycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries which can be overcome. The help of an experienced personal injury attorney can be a great resource.