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Common Myths About Auto Accident And Other Personal Injury Claims

Fact-Fiction-40-crop-with-OR-RotAuto accident victims and the public at large have many misconceptions about the civil jury system and the accident claims process in general. The following are some of the most common erroneous beliefs regarding injury claims.

  • If you write the insurance company a letter and are reasonable, you

    will get a reasonable settlement proposal.

  • When you are in an accident and the insurance company calls you to

    ask for a recorded statement, you have to give them a recorded statement

    or they won’t settle with you.

  • All lawyers who advertise that they handle accident cases have the

    same ability, tools, and experience to handle your case.

  • The insurance company for the person who hit you is obligated to pay

    your medical bills as they are incurred.

  • All lawyers charge the same fees in injury cases.
  • The tort liability system is some sort of lottery that will help you get


  • Just because there has been an accident and it wasn’t your fault, there

    must be some insurance company that will pay for your bills, lost

    wages, and injuries.

  • Juries in California are generous.
  • There is a set formula to figure out the value of your case.

The best way to dispel some of these myths is to get information from someone who has experience with the process. If you, a loved one or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, or any accident that results in serious injuries, having accurate information is key. The advice of an experienced personal injury attorney can be the difference in effectively resolving your claims.