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San Diego Toddler Survives Catastrophic Auto Accident

wallis_t593SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE Elizabeth Aguilera reported that Izaiah Wallis of Vista was released from Rady Children’s Hospital on May 17, 2011 after being hospitalized for seven months. Izaiah and his grandfather were on there way to a park in Oceanside when they were struck by a 17-year-old drunk driver on October 18, 2010. The toddler was thrown from his stroller and was left paralyzed and partially blind as a result of a brain injury when his head was severed from his spine. His parents were quoted as saying, “It’s going to be a bumpy road, but with all the help and support we can get through this,” said Jacob Wallis, Izaiah’s father. “It’s like bringing a newborn baby home for the first time. Lucy and I have waiting for this day to come,” said Wallis, referring to his fiancé, who is also Izaiah’s mother. The driver who hit them was sentenced to 480 days in custody.

Applicable California Law

The teenage driver was convicted of driving under the influence resulting in bodily injury (see my prior Blog post on California DUI Law). Furthermore, Izaiah and his grandfather will have claims for personal injury. However, there is a question as to the amount of insurance or other assets of the responsible parties to adequately compensate the victims, which is usually the case in accidents involving catastrophic injuries(see my prior Blog post on UM/UIM Coverage). Given the catastrophic nature of Izaiah’s injuries and the cost of future care it is doubtful that the defendants have adequate assets. California has various assistance programs, such as the fund for victims of violent crimes. Fortunately, San Diego has exceptional facilities to help brain injury victims such as Brain Tek Institute and the rehabilitation center at Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas (see my prior Blog post on Traumatic Brain Injury).

A routine stroll to the park turns into tragedy. Auto Accidents involving drunk drivers and pedestrians often result in brain injuries or other catastrophic injuries. Talking to an experienced personal injury attorney can greatly assist the victims and their families.