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San Diego Bus Stop Auto Accident Survivors’ Story

crisis2San Diego News 10 reported on the physical pain and tragic loss of a loved one experienced by David Abilez who survived an auto accident on June 3, 2011. Abilez, his girlfriend, and her son were waiting at a bus stop in City Heights when they were struck by a PT Cruiser being driven by Jean Chizer-Williams,71, who suffered a diabetic attack and was driving with a suspended license (see my prior Blog post San Diego Bus Stop Auto Accident Kills One And Seriously Injures Two). Abilez sustained multiple serious injuries including a compound fracture of his leg, requiring doctors to surgically insert a rod to support his leg. Even more devastating was the loss of his girlfriend Vanessa Shane. As he choked back the tears, Abilez was quoted as saying, “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.” “She is the most innocent and caring person in the world.” Vanessa’s son Elijah suffered a broken arm, a punctured lung, and according to family members, he is still having nightmares and trouble coping with the loss of his mother.

Applicable California Law

For analyses of the legal theories on liability and damages see my prior Blog post San Diego Bus Stop Auto Accident Kills One And Seriously Injures Two). Beyond the physical injuries and monetary damages are the emotional and psychological impacts. Community resources such as the county of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency and San Diego Youth Services provide support for those in crisis, as well as other agencies such as San Diego Family Services.

The loss of a loved one due to wrongful death is devastating. Auto accidents causing serious injuries or wrongful death have lifelong consequences. Having the knowledge of the available resources to deal with the physical pain and loss is one of the benefits of consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.