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Truck Accidents Caused by Fatigued Drivers

The Oceanside truck accident lawyers at The Rubenstein Law Group know that most truck drivers are hard-working professionals who care about safely operating their vehicles. Tragically, many of these drivers are undermined by the trucking companies that employ them and force them to meet unrealistically ambitious schedules.

Fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. Truck drivers are often expected to drive long distances in not much time, and it’s impossible to meet these schedules if they don’t drive well past the point of exhaustion.

Driving while fatigued dramatically decreases the truck driver’s reaction times, putting everyone on the road with that driver at risk. Our Oceanside truck accident lawyers have seen the devastating and often fatal consequences of such behavior.

Trucking companies can be held liable if it’s found that they pushed their drivers to operate their vehicles while fatigued, especially if, in doing so, they violated state and federal regulations on the amount of time a driver can spend in his truck.

The Rubinstein Law Group will investigate your accident to determine its cause. If fatigue was a factor, we’ll discover that. And we’ll pursue all possible forms of compensation on your behalf.

If you live in Oceanside, California or the surrounding areas and you want a skilled truck accident lawyer, please contact The Rubinstein Law Group today for a free consultation.