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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents often occur when drivers in cars and trucks fail to see a bike on the road. Motorcycle riders can reclaim damages through the services of a skilled Escondido accident lawyer, but it’s important to bring as much information as you can to a consultation.

Though motorcycle accidents can be traumatic and stressful, these steps can help you receive the money you deserve if you engage the services of a lawyer.

  • Seek medical attention: Make sure any injuries you sustain are tended to and documented. Documentation of wounds and pain can help you “prove” the extent of your injuries.
  • Track time off work: If the injuries from your motorcycle accident keep you away from your job or otherwise impact your financial well-being, document lost wages, bills and other economic loss.
  • Take photos: Pictures of damage to your motorcycle and injuries to your body are another key form of proof.
  • Be careful what you sign: If you plan to engage a motorcycle accident lawyer, read any document carefully. Paperwork from insurers and other parties could ask you to sign away your rights to pursue compensation.
  • Act quickly: The statute of limitations in California to file a case after a motorcycle accident is two years. In cases involving a government vehicle, the time to file is reduced to six months.

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