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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe and accessible conditions for visitors. If you were hurt because of the negligence of a property owner, the Oceanside personal injury lawyers at The Rubinstein Law Group can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

iStock_000001460095Small-300x198Like the name implies, slip and fall accidents occur when a person loses his/her footing due to insufficient maintenance of a property. If you’ve been injured because of a slip and fall, the first step is to seek medical attention.

After you’ve received treatment for your injuries, it’s important to gather as many details about the scene of the accident as possible, such as:

  • Your location on the property
  • Obstructions or defects on the property, such as an unattended spill, unrepaired stairs or walkways, improperly stored items blocking your path, etc.
  • The presence or absence of warning signs
  • The nature and extent of your injuries
  • Names and statements from any witnesses who might have seen the accident
  • If possible, taking photographs of the accident scene and your injuries; a cell phone camera or other mobile device can be extremely helpful

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe. If you were injured because of unsafe conditions on a neglected property, the personal injury attorneys at The Rubinstein Law Group can assess your case and help you build a premises liability claim against the property owner.

To learn more about how our Oceanside personal injury lawyers can help you pursue compensation after a slip and fall accident, please contact The Rubinstein Law Group or call 855-365-9955 today to schedule your free consultation.