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Brake Defects a Major Cause of Truck Accidents

dreamstime_m_13976490-300x199Brake failure and driver fatigue are the two most common causes of crashes involving tractor trailers, according to a recent article in the magazine The Lawyer’s LogBook. A defect in any component of a semi can lead to disaster on the road. If you were injured because of brake or other mechanical failure in a heavy rig, Escondido truck accident attorney Zev Rubinstein can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

When fully loaded, semi trucks require 250 feet to stop completely from 60 mph, more than double the distance a passenger vehicle requires to do the same. Because brakes are such a critical safety feature, a number of federal regulations apply to their proper use and maintenance, with inspections required to ensure compliance.

Unfortunately, brakes can be mishandled by multiple parties, potentially resulting in a catastrophic truck accident. Depending on the circumstances of your case, Mr. Rubinstein can initiate legal action against:

  • The driver: For failing to inspect the truck before a haul or use brakes properly (such as “riding” the brakes and overheating them)
  • The trucking company: For failing to inspect or maintain a rig’s brakes
  • The brake manufacturer: For failing to design brakes properly, or introducing a defect during production
  • The loading company: For improperly distributing cargo, putting uneven pressure on the brakes and potentially causing them to overheat

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