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Were You Injured by a Defective Vehicle?

iStock_000003278937XSmall-300x199Yahoo! Autos reports that General Motors is recalling over 3 million vehicles due to a variety of safety concerns, including faulty ignition systems and airbags. If you were injured by an unsafe vehicle, Escondido defective product attorney Zev Rubinstein can fight for your right to compensation.

When an auto manufacturer fails to warn consumers and take necessary steps to mitigate the danger of a defective vehicle, the company opens itself to potential liability. However, the manufacturer isn’t always the sole party that is potentially liable in defective product cases.

Flaws can be introduced at multiple points in a vehicle’s chain of distribution, including the design and transit stages. You might be able to recover damages from these parties as well if they contributed to the hazardous defect.

Mr. Rubinstein has more than 25 years of experience advocating for victims injured in car accidents that were caused by a variety of factors, including defective vehicles. Though each case is different, people injured by defective vehicles are often eligible to win damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Long-term care and recovery expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Car repair or replacement (property damage)
  • Pain and suffering

Some defective vehicles are an even greater safety risk than others. If your loved one tragically died due to injuries sustained from the malfunction of a car, truck, or SUV, Mr. Rubinsten can start building a wrongful death case on behalf of your family.

After reviewing your case, Mr. Rubinstein can begin a thorough investigation into the nature of the defect that caused your vehicle to malfunction, resulting in your injuries. To find out more about how our Escondido attorney can help you with your defective product case, please contact The Rubinstein Law Group or call 855-365-9955 today to schedule a complimentary review of your case.