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Liability in a Truck Accident Case

iStock_000004776686LargeTruckAccident-300x200A company in Silicon Valley is developing technology that would enable a semi truck to operate without a human being in the driver’s seat. However, despite the growing hype about driverless cars and trucks, for now actual people are the ones driving vehicles. And, if you’re injured in a truck accident, Carlsbad attorney Zev Rubinstein will handle your case personally.

When the operator of a big rig behaves carelessly and causes a collision, the injuries to the other parties in the accident can be devastating. However, unlike most car accident claims, the driver of the truck might not be the only party responsible for the accident.

Our Carlsbad attorney will investigate your truck accident claim thoroughly and gather as much evidence as possible. In order to maximize the compensation you might be entitled to, he will take action against all potentially liable parties, including:

  • The company that employed the driver of the semi
  • The manufacturer that built the truck, or created any parts that malfunctioned
  • If improper loading was an issue, the company responsible for loading cargo on the truck

Because semis are much larger than passenger vehicles, truck accident victims often suffer severe injuries and a long, potentially costly recovery. Mr. Rubinstein will build a strong case on your behalf to recover damages that could offset your medical expenses, time missed from work, and other hardships.

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