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Injured in an Accident? File Sooner Than Later

Speak to our experienced Oceanside Accident Lawyer for free todayMedical bills, calls from the insurance company, and other preoccupations are part of the time-consuming aftermath of any accident. However, there is one key detail injury victims in and around Oceanside can’t forget: the importance of talking to an experienced accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Each state has specific time limits for types of civil actions. These time limits are called the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in California is two years, while property damage claims must be filed within three years.

By visiting our Oceanside lawyer as soon as possible after the accident, you will be ensuring that your case is within this statute of limitations. During your free consultation, Zev Rubinstein will begin gathering the facts of your case. This could include time-sensitive information such as:

  • Conditions at the scene of the accident
  • Eyewitness testimony when memories of the incident are most “fresh”
  • Injuries and damaged property, which can at least be preserved through photographs and other means

California law does extend the deadline on certain cases if you didn’t discover, and a reasonable person would not have discovered, your injuries within the statute of limitations. Though this exception can be helpful if you sustained injuries that weren’t immediately apparent, such as whiplash in an auto accident, most severe accidents cause readily identifiable harm.

To begin building your personal injury claim and find out what compensation you might stand to recover, please contact The Rubinstein Law Group or call (855) 365-9955 today to schedule your personal consultation. Our accident lawyer represents clients from Oceanside and other parts of Southern California.