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Car Accident Risk Rises on Halloween

Drive carefully and avoid Car Accidents - Happy HalloweenHalloween is known for costumes, candy, and the potential for a good scare. However, one scare nobody in Escondido or other parts of Southern California wants is a car accident.

Multiple factors make safe driving more difficult on Halloween. The abundance of cars on the road going to and from parties and afterschool events increases the potential for auto accidents, while trick or treating makes the likelihood of hitting a pedestrian much higher.

Some of the unsafe conditions that contribute to higher car accident risk on Halloween include:

  • Nighttime driving
  • Unpredictable or distracted children
  • Adults and kids in dark clothes and costumes
  • Many people in or on the road, including crowded sidewalks, curbs, driveways, and alleys
  • High volume of cars parked on the street, obscuring pedestrians

Accidents involving a car and a pedestrian usually carry a high probability of severe injury for the person outside of the vehicle. When the victim is a child, the ramifications of a pedestrian accident are even more likely to be tragic.

Whether you’re driving or walking this Halloween, take extra care to avoid a collision. Drivers should diligently look ahead and to the sides when traveling in a residential neighborhood and parents should supervise children or put rules in place to help keep them safe.

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