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Nursing Home Abuse Not Just Physical

Recognize Nursing Home Abuse, keep your loved one safeNational Family Caregiver Month is held each November to recognize the millions of Americans who take sick and disabled love ones into their own homes. In some cases, though, seniors require professional care, which is why families with elderly loved ones need to be aware of nursing home abuse and know how a Carlsbad attorney can help.

Bed sores, bruises, and other signs of physical violence are highly visible and should automatically be cause for alarm. However, not all abuse is physical, and the mistreatment that doesn’t leave a mark can be extremely hard for even close family and friends to detect.

Types of non-physical abuse that elderly residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes might suffer include:

  • Emotional: Threatening, insulting, or verbally terrorizing a resident; ignoring pleas for assistance; intentional isolation
  • Financial: Stealing money or possessions, manipulating bank accounts and other financial assets
  • Neglect: Not cleaning, feeding, or bathing a resident; denying or interfering with prescriptions or other medical care
  • Sexual: Along with physical injuries, elderly victims might experience feelings of shame, humiliation, and fear of another assault

Regardless of the type of abuse that occurred, the facilities that provide care for the elderly are expected to maintain standards for ensuring the safety of their residents. This includes proper maintenance and security of the property, as well as appropriate practices for hiring and training staff members.

If your loved one is behaving strangely and you suspect misconduct is the cause, please contact The Rubinstein Law Group or call (855) 365-9955 to discuss whether or not you have a viable nursing home abuse case. Zev Rubinstein serves clients throughout the Carlsbad area.