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Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

A worker examines plans and progress on a construction site. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that nearly one in every five workers’ deaths occurs on a construction site. Construction accident attorney Zev Rubinstein has successfully helped injured Oceanside workers and their families for more than 25 years.

Construction workers spend their days working with dangerous machinery at dizzying heights.. Construction companies have a responsibility to do everything reasonably possible to prevent worker injury and wrongful death.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, eliminating the construction industry’s Fatal Four most common construction accidents could save the lives of 500 American each year.

The Fatal Four Include:

  1. Falls from heights: Construction workers spend much of their time above the ground, and rely on safety equipment that adequately ensures their wellbeing.
  2. Struck by object: When not above ground, construction workers are frequently laboring beneath other workers and equipment. There is a constant risk of being struck by a falling machine, tool or other material.
  3. Electrocutions: Construction workers often operate next to exposed wires that could cause serious injury.
  4. Caught-in/between: Heavy machinery and enormous steel plates are essential to construction projects, and inadequate safety precautions could yield disastrous results.

Other Common Construction Accidents Include:

  • Slip and fall
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Trench collapses

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