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What Proof Do I Need in a Personal Injury Case?

A Carlsbad injury lawyer can help you with your caseSustaining injuries in an accident can be devastating. Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. If you want to find out if you have a good injury case in Carlsbad, you need to consult with injury lawyer Zev Rubinstein.

In order to fight for monetary compensation after sustaining an injury in a Carlsbad accident, you need to prove the following factors:

  • The person responsible for your injury was careless or negligent.
  • The negligent person’s actions caused your injuries.
  • You must demonstrate how these injuries have affected your life.

Even if you believe you meet all the criteria for a personal injury case, your injury lawyer will need to evaluate the evidence available to support this in court. The following pieces of evidence could be important in your personal injury case:

  • Medical records
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Expert testimony
  • Witness testimony

Speaking with Carlsbad injury attorney Zev Rubinstein allows you the opportunity to get your questions answered and learn what is necessary to move forward with your case. There are time limits for filing a personal injury lawsuit, so you need to act as quickly as possible with your claim.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact our Carlsbad injury lawyer today online or at (855) 365-9955 to discuss your case. Zev Rubinstein welcomes clients from Escondido and San Marcos, California.