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5 Common Driver Distractions that Cause Auto Accidents

Auto accident lawyer San MarcosThe mistake of not paying full attention to the road while driving can lead to serious auto collisions, that can often result in death. As an auto accident lawyer in San Marcos, Zev Rubinstein has seen the devastating effects a simple moment of distraction can have on the lives of accident victims and their families.

Here are five common distractions that frequently cause car and truck accidents. Please read the list and avoid making any of these mistakes.

  • Pets: While we are not saying you should not drive with your pets in the car, you should make sure that they are in a safe place, like a crate, and not in the passenger seat. Having pets in close proximity of the driver often leads to accidents.
  • Reaching for items: If you drop a phone or a wallet when driving, just leave it until you reach your destination. Bending down takes your eyes off of the road and takes you out of proper defensive driving position.
  • Texting/Talking on phone: This has become so dangerous, that many states have outlawed it. The conversation can most likely wait.
  • Adjusting the radio: Unless you have controls on your steering wheel, or a voice activated device, go ahead and let the passenger play DJ for the drive.
  • Eating: It’s a good way to mess up your interior. More importantly, however, eating can cause an accident.

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