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Dog Bite Liability

While a dog you own may be a member of your family, a trusted companion, or your home’s security, to others it is an unfamiliar animal that can present a threat. If your dog bites someone, you may held liable depending on the circumstances of the incident.

For both dog owners and dog bite victims alike, it’s important to know that California is a “strict liability” state when it comes to dog bites. This means that dog owners are responsible for any injures or harm caused to others, even if the dog was restrained, even if warning signs were present and even if the dog had no prior history of biting,

Generally our Vista dog bite lawyer can prove liability for incidents when the dog owner has failed to take proper measures to keep the dog from harming other people. Negligent dog owners who may be found liable are those who:

  • Do not socialize their dog or discourage aggressive behavior
  • Do not react properly in a situation that may lead to a dog bite
  • Cannot or do not restrain their dog sufficiently in the presence of others
  • Do not provide appropriate fencing or enclosing on the property where the dog lives
  • Intentionally train their dog in aggressive behaviors

There are some instances when the dog owner might not be liable, such as:

  • If a dog bites a trespasser
  • If a dog bites someone who provokes it, such as hitting it or acting aggressively towards it

Whether you own a dog who has caused injury to someone or if you or a loved one has been a dog bite victim, our experienced and compassionate Vista dog bite lawyers can help you navigate the intricacies of dog bite liability. To schedule a consultation, call the Rubinstein Law Group at (855) 365-9955 today.