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Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse

At The Rubinstein Law Group, our nursing home abuse lawyers represent the victims of abuse and negligence. We most often hear from family members who discover the abuse and, horrified, seek hel for their victimized loved ones.

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We know how tragic this is, and we know that, while compensation is invaluable in this situation, it cannot erase what happened to your loved one. Legal action is right and just, but catching abuse early is by far the more preferable option.

How can you recognize the early signs of nursing home abuse? Visit your loved one regularly and keep an eye out for the following:

  • A sudden loss of weight
  • Any scraps, bruises, cuts or other physical signs of trauma
  • Sudden spending or loss of money
  • A change in personality, especially becoming withdrawn or nervous

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of regular visits to your loved one’s nursing home. Make these visits frequent occurences. Get to know the staffers and administrators in the nursing home so that you’re familiar with everyone your loved one interacts with on a daily basis.

If your loved one has exerienced abuse or neglect in an Oceanside, California-area nursing home, please call The Rubinstein Law Group today at 855-365-9955 for a free consultation.