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UNION TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER Kristen Davis reported that 2-year-old Jovani Louangxaysongxham of Southcrest was killed on June 18, 2010, when he ran into the path of a Allied Waste Services truck. The toddler, who was just one month shy of his third birthday, was being put into the family vehicle by his mother, when he ran across 43rd Street to greet his father and was hit by a truck, said Lt Ken Hubbs. The truck was traveling north on 43rd Street when the passenger in the truck alerted the driver, who was unable to avoided the child. Jovani went under the vehicle and was struck by its rear wheels, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The tragedy was compounded when the boy’s father and uncle attacked the truck driver requiring police to intervene. The uncle punched the officer in the head knocking him unconscious, the officer was treated at the hospital for head injuries and a cut over his left eye. The uncle was arrested.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Louangxaysongxham family and their friends.